• 25% of chemicals produced worldwide are used for textiles, many of which are then dumped into the environment
  • Plastic microfibers shed from synthetic clothing account for 85% of the human-made material found along ocean shores.
  • 10.5 million tons of clothing is sent to landfills each year in the U.S. alone.
  • 4 billion land animals are slaughtered, plucked, or sheared every year for the materials industry.
  • 66-80% of a fashion brand’s total environmental footprint comes from raw materials use.
  • Modern leather tanning uses chromium salts, creating large quantities of wastewater. The hides mostly come from the meat/dairy industry, which many consider environmentally unsustainable.
  • RethinkX predicts that next-gen materials will lead to a more than 90% reduction in the demand for conventional leather by 2030.
  • Tiffany Hua, an analyst at Lux Research, says leather-like materials made from plants are the most advanced, partly because manufacturing is relatively simple. She predicts they will reach $1 billion in sales by 2025. The next to rise will be mushroom leather, followed by cell culture leather.

In spite of all this, many of the worlds leaders are not taking this seriously enough. So investors need to step up and lead the charge.

  • How you shop – one of the best ways to help steer the world away from harmful materials is to buy your clothes and other consumer goods. So, when it comes to clothes, do some digging to find companies that are being mindful about the materials they use. This article is helpfulThis one too.
  • Single-use plastics – this is something we’re all guilty of. When we’re feeling hungry or thirsty, we grab a coffee or a snack that’s usually wrapped in plastic. And that one experience creates plastic that will live on this earth for hundreds of years. So while it’s really hard to avoid plastic altogether, try to have your coffee/food at home, in the office, or dine-in so you don’t need a single-use container. Learn more here about single-use plastic here, and get more tips here.

For those looking to do their own homework or simply looking to explore other options, check out these sites: