• 250 million children globally are not achieving basic literacy.
  • In low-income countries, 65% of girls between 15-17 years old are not in school
  • Poverty remains one of the biggest factors that hinders access to quality education.
  • Now, some good news:
    • Youth literacy rates (globally) have increased from 81% to 92% over the last 30 years.
    • 70% of all countries have either eradicated or nearly eradicated illiteracy among the young age group (where literacy data is available)
  • Women’s education is inversely correlated with child mortality (healthier habits/choices, spacing)
  • Women’s education can also play a big role in addressing issues like climate change.
    • For example, there’s a positive correlation between education and smaller family sizes.
In spite of all this, many of the worlds leaders are not taking this seriously enough. So investors and donors need to step up and lead the charge.
  • How you vote – support the candidates in your community/country that are taking meaning action to improving and reforming the education system.
  • Teach your children well – beyond schooling, teach and encourage your children (and everyone in your life for that matter) to think critically, to question assumptions, and think outside the box.
  • Become a mentor – mentoring young adults is one of the best ways you can help mold and empower the next generation. Even more so if you mentor those who come from disadvantaged or minority communities. Big Brothers Big Sisters is one example of a way to plug in.

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