animal welfare

  • Approximately 70 billion (you read that right) farm animals are killed every year for food. (for context, it was around 10 billion in 1960)
  • Those numbers doesn’t even include the trillions of fish we kill every for food either. 
  • Approximately 90% of those animals are raised and slaughtered on factory farms. What are factory farms? Basically, they’re something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. It’s that bad.
  • Check out this clock to see where we are at this very moment.
  •  In the US alone, approximately 6.5 million dogs and cats enter animal shelters every year. Approximately 1.5 million are euthanized. 

In spite of all this, many of the worlds leaders are not taking this seriously enough. So investors need to step up and lead the charge.

  • Eat less meat: Food is one of the easiest ways we can have a direct impact on animals. Whether it’s eating less meat, looking for plant-based alternatives, or eating organic, there’s a lot we can do when we sit down to eat everyday. This app from Happy Cow can make it easier to find restaurants and stores nearby. For home-cooked meals, check out Beyonce’s meal-planner.
  • Make easy adjustments: For example, when you feel like eating fish, go for bivalves (oysters, mussels, etc) instead of fish. Many animal advocates agree that bivalves are a great way for people to consume seafood sustainably and humanely. This is due to their low-impact on the oceans and because without a central nervous system, it’s believed they likely don’t feel pain.
  • AdoptDontShop: One of the best decisions you can make to help cats and dogs is to adopt from a shelter. When you buy an animal from a store or a breeder, you’re contributing to a system that not only harms dogs/cats, but puts money in the pockets of the people who do it. Learn more here.
  • Sustainable fashion: more and more brands are offering products that don’t use animals. Weather it’s alternatives to leather or wool, it’s never been easier to buy animal-free clothes. This list is really helpful.